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Real Estate Agent Security & Investigations

This is where you will find safety and security tips for real estate agents and information about common real estate scams. Security threats against realtors and scams within the real estate industry can change daily. The National Association of Realtors 2016 Safety Study details the vulnerability of Realtors. Of the 3,091 Realtors who responded to the study, 92 admitted to being assaulted while working in 2016.

While a certain amount of exposure is necessary to market real estate services, some Realtors are virtually asking to be victims because they do not use simple precautions and often over-share personal information in social media or online. This not only increases their risk for assaults but also attracts identity thieves who can easily exploit vital information.

While 40% of Realtors admit to carrying some form of weapon, the best way to prevent violence is to identify potentially violent offenders before they act. Having criminal background information on buyers and sellers who are likely to commit assault or fraud is very affordable and can be obtained from our private real estate investigators within minutes.


Real Estate Scams

This is where you will find information on real estate scam artist.  Generally real estate criminals target the elderly, unsuspecting or inexperienced home owners to either get a quick buck or in some cases to rob the homeowner of their personal property or home equity.

 A "For Sale" or "Open House" sign gives the hustler a plausible opportunity. Real estate crooks may pose as an investor and sometimes will even offer to give cash or other favors. Homeowners who may be trying to avoid bad credit or prevent foreclosure are particularly vulnerable. The property scam artist posing as an investor or real estate agent may promise to help sell the home and will sell the idea with upfront cash, offering to make house payments or other favors.

Real estate ponzi schemes offer real property investment which could include a legitimate real estate opportunity but the money is either kept by the scammer or given to a previous investors.

Real estate investment seminars often promise to teach how to get rich buying real estate with no money down. While the methods in the seminars can be legitimate, marketeer's may only offer the sale of expensive books and coaching which is either rudimentary or available from virtually any real estate agent. Home owners should be leery of offers or seminars which promise fast or large returns.

Recent Scams:

> Home owners were robbed after they were convinced to leave their home by a couple posing as a real estate agent and a home buyer.

> An ex-con posed as an investor, offering to pay mortgage payments and sell home owner's property. He convinced the home owner to pay him a nominal monthly amount which was less than the current mortgage payment. The ex-con did not make any mortgage payments.

> Over $500,000 in goods were stolen from a luxury home which had heavilty promoted an upcoming open-house.


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