Private Real Estate Investigator

Real Estate Investigator

We provide Private Investigations for real estate transactions to assure the legality, enforceability and profitability of real estate transactions. In the past buyers and sellers relied on minimal information to make these major financial decisions. We have changed all that. 

When negotiating thousands or even millions of dollars you want to know everything possible about the property and the other party. We go beyond the basic disclosures. Let us help you discover information which may be hidden or deceptively concealed. is the place you will find a real estate private investigator, a licensed private investigator who is also a licensed real estate agent. Real Estate Private Investigators can give you confidence and strength for real estate negotiations. Our private real estate investigations are conducted by private investigators on your behalf. Our licensed real estate private investigators provide you with detailed information by conducting a lawful real estate investigation in search of material facts. This means otherwise hidden information about the property or the other party in your real estate transaction may now be available to you. The bottom line is a real estate private investigator may discover the hidden truth that will help you avoid a costly real estate mistake.

Our Real Estate Private Investigators are former law enforcement officers with extensive training and experience. These Private Real Estate Detectives integrate skills used by investigators and real estate professionals using best practices from both trades in search of vital information to support you and your real estate transaction. Law enforcement officers have essential training in the preservation of evidence. This is designed to assure evidence may be used in the courts or other legal process. Our real estate private investigators conduct private investigations on a wide variety of real estate matters including but not limited to Buyer / Seller Due Diligence, Buyer / Seller Fraud Investigations, Mortgage Fraud Investigations, Evidence for Legal Proceeding, Background Checks, Building Contractor Investigations, Real Estate Broker Investigations and Realtor Investigations.


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